Leather Wrapped Stone No.018

Handcrafted in a small apartment room in Tokyo. A small rock picked up from a river in the city was wrapped in a vegetable tanned cow leather and stitched with a linen thread by hand. You can use it for a desktop object or a paperweight. Holding it in your hand will make you relax and more creative.

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There are countless stones all over the place. They are ubiquitous, and although at first glance they may seem to make no difference to each other, they have different characteristics depending on the surrounding geology and the type of rock.

The stones are selected with a view to how they will fit in the fingers and palm, how comfortable they will feel in the hand, and how they will look when covered with leather.

This leather is made from the hides of cows born and raised in Japan. Its fibres are dense and fine, and it is characterised by its suppleness and firmness. It contains oil and wax, which makes it shine with use.

The leather is soaked in water and then moulded close to the stone. The leather has a plasticity which means that when it is deformed by force, the distortion remains intact. The leather, which can be up to 2 mm thick, is dried slowly to ensure that it adheres to the stone without any gaps, and to stabilise its shape.

The accompanying card shows the production number, the maker's mark and the coordinates of the place where the stone was collected.

Ideas come from our hands. If you hold it in your hand when you are thinking about something, it can inspire great ideas and a wealth of imagination. It can be used as a paper weight or as an object to decorate a space.

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 40 mm


1) This product is made of natural leather and natural stones.
2) If the product is subjected to a strong impact, the stones inside may be damaged.
3) Please do not use damaged products as they may cause injury.
4) If the product falls, it may cause damage to other products or injury.
5) Do not throw these products at people or objects.
6) Keep out of the reach of small children because it may cause unexpected accidents. Keep out of the reach of small children.
7) The colour of the leather may fade due to wetness or friction.
8) If the leather gets wet, wipe it lightly with a cloth and let it dry naturally.

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