FROME Stone objects "Leather Wrapped Stone"

Handcrafted in a small apartment room in Tokyo. A small rock picked up from a river in the city was wrapped in a vegetable tanned cow leather and stitched with a linen thread by hand. You can use it for a desktop object or a paperweight. Holding it in your hand will make you relax and more creative.

FROME Archival storage paper box "Rivet Box"

Collecting and organizing, forgetting and re-discovering. Lift up the lid and look down what you put in the box from above. This box may bring you new discoveries that you’ve never come across. Made with hard fiberboard. Firmly fixed with metal rivets. Light weight. High in strength and durability. Manufactured by Takeuchi Shiki Seisakusho and FROME.



Open only on the first Sunday of every month.
The next shop will be opened on Sunday, January 29th 2023, 0pm-7pm
(Only in January 2023, the shop will be opened on an irregular schedule.)

#401 Daini Showa Building, Shibuya novore
17-9 Sakuragaoka-machi, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0031 Japan

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